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PARISH NEWS - 26 April 2020

Saint James Church Email Blast Week Beginning 26th April 2020 Dear Friends, It is wonderful to see and hear how so many people are stepping up in this time of physical distancing to express love, care and connection with their faith community- through  phone calls, notes, prayers, baking, and staying connected. Thank you! It can often seem (to me at least) that the days are merging together as our normal routines and sense of time have been disrupted. I am trying to counter this by moving into a routine for our parish and this will develop over time: SUNDAYS On Sunday morning the whole Diocese is invited to join Bishop Susan for worship at 10am live via Facebook. The worship is the posted on the Diocesan Youtube Channel by 2pm. Also on Sunday our weekly podcast goes live, and you can access that via our website MONDAY On Monday we send out our email blast. And Monday- Friday at 8pm we live stream Compline (Night Prayer) via our Facebook page. It has been wonderful to have up to 100 people joining this time of prayer during an evening and I have had notes from people well beyond Saint James who have discovered this office and pray with us. TUESDAY On Tuesday, I offer a weekly video reflection via our Facebook page and Youtube. WEDNESDAY On Wednesdays we will be starting an online ‘Coffee Hour’ via ZOOM. Details are below. This is an opportunity for us to see each other face to face and check in. THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS On Thursday evening, prayer continues at 8pm. I try to maintain Fridays as my sabbath day. *NEW* COFFEE HOUR Starting THIS WEDNESDAY 29th 10am-11am we’ll host an online ‘Coffee Hour’. To take part in this you’ll need to sign into ZOOM which is a conferencing software. Go to You can click ‘Join a Meeting’ in the top right hand corner and enter the meeting number and password, or simply click on the link below. For those unused to using this software, a few notes;

  • Only one person can speak at a time, so the host (Mike) will invite you to speak.

  • It is considered polite to ‘mute’ your microphone when you are not speaking or background noise from your home can confuse those listening.

  • There are different ways to ‘view’ the meeting – by clicking ‘gallery view’ when you join the meeting you can see everyone present.

  • It is very different to meeting in person so be prepared to be patient the first time you use this and we get used to this way of meeting.

  • If you have technical questions about using Zoom please contact Bob Morrow.

HERE ARE THE DETAILS YOU NEED: Topic: COFFEE HOUR Time: Apr 29, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 835 1405 3188 Password: 819839 CHILDREN For those with Children in our congregation you can access the Diocesan Resource Hub with lots of ideas for children and a weekly online Sunday School here: YOUTH There is an online youth group for tweens aged 10-13 run by our Diocesan Youth Coordinator Sarah Bird: All 10-13 years olds are welcome to join the Virtual Junior Youth Group session which will be held through Zoom on Friday's beginning at 12:00 noon. To join, please contact Sarah Bird by email and provide her with your name, age, parish and your email address or your parents email address so you can be emailed a link to connect with the group. For Teens 13+ All youth (aged 13+) are welcome to join the Virtual Youth Group session which will be held through Zoom on Friday's beginning at 2:00pm.  To join, please contact Sarah Bird by email and provide her with your name, parish and your email address so you can be sent a link to connect with the group. FACEMASKS Jackie Donnelly and others in our congregation are sewing facemasks. If you would like one or more, please email the parish office who will pass  your  request on. (Mike has a Care Bears one!!!)

Stay safe and well and God bless you this week. Pax et Bonum, Mike

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