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PARISH NEWS - 16 August 2020


Our Reopening Team meets for the first time this week to start the detailed and careful planning that will prepare us to begin in-person worship in the fall.

Look for updates in the coming weeks. The committee will be led by Barb Busing and Mike Deed.

Rector’s Vacation

Mike will be on vacation from 19th to 30th August inclusive. Please direct any emergency pastoral matters to Rev. Canon Peter Davison and any other matters to a warden. Please pray for Mike during his time away. Weekly podcasts, email blasts and videos and coffee hour will continue.

Parish Council

Our Parish Council met last week via ZOOM and did a number of things including; reviewing our finances, getting a detailed update on the building issues we face, selecting a form for our new parish logo (the preferred option will be refined and released in the fall) and reviewing the reopening documents from the Diocese. If you would like a copy of the minutes, please email the parish office.

ZOOM Coffee Hour

Come and join us for an hour of informal chat on Wednesday morning at 10.00 a.m. No agenda … no minutes … little order … but, lots of opportunity for chatting with friends from the parish family of St. James. Plenty of things to discuss, of course, as we move towards the fall season and the potential for re-opening of the physical space at 137 Melville Street. Below, please find the ZOOM coordinates for both the 19th and the 26th of August.  Same coordinates for both of the meetings.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 991 1045 5894

Sunday Worship

Sunday worship continues on the Diocesan Facebook page at 10am.

You can find the Diocesan Facebook page here:

A Splash of Paint

Cezanne, Monet, Emily Carr, Tom Thomson ... if you think you have that kind of ability ... wait ... even if you have only heard of these folk ... we can use your help! This summer, Don and Sue Wallace and Wayne Dickson (and others) have been keeping the “outward appearances” of our church building looking top notch. But we also have a few areas inside that need some special attention with a paintbrush. Nothing too strenuous ... just careful application of some nice paint for the “ramp area” and the newly decorated youth room.

If you can spare a few hours, Mark Mainprize would like your help. Please contact Mark through the office at . Mark has been doing lots of “prep” work inside, but sure could use a few extra hands to get this work completed before (all going well) we open our building in the fall.


Our weekly podcast can be heard by clicking on the link on the front page of our website or by visiting our channel on sound cloud:


For those who keep their pattern of daily Bible readings and reflections, the Bible readings for this coming week are below. The suggested readings are the Gospel reading appointed in the daily lectionary for the celebration of the Eucharist. This week:                   

Monday 17th August        Matthew 19.16-22

Tuesday                                   Matthew 19.23-30

Wednesday                            Matthew 20.1-16a

Thursday                                 Matthew 22.1-14

Friday                                      Matthew 22.34-40

Saturday                                  Matthew 23.1-12

Sunday                                    Matthew 16.13-20


God be in my head,

And in my understanding;

God be in my eyes,

And in my looking;

God be in my mouth,

And in my speaking;

God be in my heart,

And in my thinking;

God be at my end,

And at my departing.

By Pyson’s Horae (1514)

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