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PARISH NEWS - 6 December 2020


A huge thanks to everyone who worked hard and donated so generously towards our food sale and ‘phone auction this past week. Our Auction raised $3875. A special thanks to Sue, Ann, Lynn and Jill for their work in organizing these events.


A huge thanks to Mike Anderson who has been working to coordinate the installation of wi-fi through the upstairs of our building. This will allow us to live stream our services, for vendors at the house tour to receive electronic payments and much more. The installation has cost $3,400 and this cost has been covered by generous donations.

CHRISTMAS FAMILIES There are just four stars remaining on the walls of the church! Please contact Jackie Donelley if you are able to help provide these last remaining gifts for a family this Christmas. Financial donations are also welcome!

Please return your donations with stars attached to the church building this week.


Grateful thanks to all those who participated in this venture by making or buying the food that was on offer on Friday evening. The following items are still available:-

Muffins and fudge from Lynn at 289-239-9341

1 tray of baklava from Caroline at 519-429-1933 $10

Pumpkin/date/raisin muffins from Anne at 905-521-0386 $4 for 6

1 Christmas pudding from Audrey at 905-628-4501 for $15

Rum cake from Jennie at 905-628-4072 for $12 each

2 x cabbage rolls(3) from Pam at 905-536-3438 for $5 each


Our Children’s Church have had their advent packages delivered! The video to go with the package can be found here:


We are now able to accept e-transfers to the church. If you use etransfers from your bankaccount you can send money to and it will be deposited in our account. If your donation is designated to a particular appeal or a payment for something, please indicate that clearly in the notes!


All are welcome to chat and connect with one another online using ZOOM each Thursday at 10am. Join us this Thursday 10th December

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 826 0575 7834

Password: 041856


Stocking stuffers, tree or table gifts, or just a seasonal mask for your own use- we have masks for sale! After church or pick up by appointment from the parish office, Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning. Please sell our abundance of masks far and wide!


We have a dedicated, hardworking team exploring various fundraising ideas during this time of pandemic when so many of our regular church activities cannot happen. Here’s how you can help contribute to our effort. Please contact Lynn Dykeman for more information:

  • No donations for refugees at this time.

  • If you have an item you think can be sold online, is worth 20 dollars and one person can lift it and it can be no bigger than a cardboard box we will accept it. Contact Lynn.

  • Donations of books, older is better, first editions are better-all accepted

  • Donations of all jewellery accepted

  • Donations of any and all gold and silver accepted, even that odd earring!


For those who wish to keep a pattern of daily Bible readings and reflections, the Bible readings for this coming week are below. The suggested readings are the Gospel reading appointed in the daily lectionary for the celebration of the Eucharist. This week:

Monday 7th December Luke 5.17-26

Tuesday Luke 1.34-38 (Conception of the Virgin Mary)

Wednesday Matthew 11.28-30

Thursday Matthew 11.7-15

Friday Matthew 11.16-19

Saturday Matthew 17.9-13

Sunday John 1.6-8, 19-28


Advent 2: Peace

Dear Jesus, you entered our world on Christmas as the Prince of Peace.

This Advent, as we strive to become the-best-version-of-ourselves,

fill us with a deep and abiding peace.

Help us share that peace with everyone we encounter,

especially those who need it most. Amen.

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