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PARISH NEWS - 31 January 2022


SUNDAY - SERVICE -Until we hear differently, the Sunday service will continue to be on-line at 10.00 a.m. To view the January 30, 2022 Service you'll need to follow the link below.

For the service sheet: It will be posted to the website homepage and Facebook later this week

A link will be posted every week on Facebook and our website -

TUESDAYBIBLE STUDY - Please join Peter Wall for a Tuesday morning service of Morning Prayer and Bible Study at 10:00 A link is included below, and the Order of Service is attached to this email.

Meeting ID: 817 5037 1264 Passcode: 149822

WEDNESDAY – COMPLINE - Compline is a short service of night prayer. The heart of Compline is the recitation of several psalms. There is a short reading from scripture, intercession, and time for reflection. It is a beautiful way to close out an active day. Compline is offered by St. James’ through Facebook as a way to bring the community together. If you cannot join live, the service is available afterwards on St. James’ Facebook channel.

THURSDAY - COFFEE HOUR - Our coffee hour occurs on Zoom at 10am. Join us to chat and enjoy one another’s company for an hour. Bring your own coffee!

Meeting ID: 693 269 0932

Use either the link while on your browser or go directly to ZOOM and insert the “meeting ID”.

Next Sunday: 7:00 pm (Feb 6) - As we mark Candlemas, those who wish (and can) are invited to join at the front steps (outside) for a very few moments to celebrate light, without which Simeon offers his well known words in the 'Nunc dimittis' - to be a light to lighten.... Dress warmly, bring a candle to hold and, if you wish, bring any candles which you might use in your home this year, and they will be blessed. In these odd days when we cannot gather in the ways we would like, this might be a slightly different way to 'be together'. It will be short and in keeping with the weather!!! Please join us if you can and wish!!


Last week, the Parish Questionnaire was attached to the e-blast. If you did not receive yours – check at the very bottom of this week’s e-blast – contact THE OFFICE 905-627-1424 or if you cannot access the questionnaire or one hasn’t been mailed to you.

We would like to analyze the questionnaires (they are totally anonymous, of course), so would like them returned by next Monday – February 7 at the latest.

You can …

  • scan and email back to the office or to

  • mail it in the regular post

  • drop it off in the church mailbox at the ramp door (the door nearest the parlour) - there is a mailbox at that door

  • call the office and we will arrange for it to be picked up

  • employ the nearest carrier pigeon you can find....

Calendar Reminders:

Sunday, February 20: Pre-vestry meeting with financial information - 12:00 noon, on Zoom

Sunday, February 27: Annual Meeting of Vestry - 12:00 Noon - on Zoom


Happenings – a regular feature in the parish communications program and developed so nicely by Peter D. – is getting geared up for its next edition. Deadline for submissions is the 15th of February … or the day after St. Valentine’s Day … so, if you have content that fits into this format, please submit to Peter by FEBRUARY 15 via the office


Friday, February 11th. Calls would be made to place orders between 6 and 8pm Please give Jill a call if via the office if you are able to participate in this venture——905-627-1424—-or send an email to

Ideas that have done well in the past are biscuits, muffins, squares, soups, meatballs, cabbage rolls, macaroni and cheese. Further suggestions would be happily considered.

Jill needs to know prices and contact numbers by February 3rd – that’s this week!

Many thanks for your help


… and the timing matches the Friday Food Fair.

Bean Ladies Soup and Chili Sale

The Bean Ladies fundraising program will benefit St. James and the people we sell to in a Healthy Way, selling soups and chili.

Either click on this link, or insert the url into your browser to connect with the website for the soup and chili recipes. Ask your family and friends if they would like to put in an order. Decide which soups and chilies you want and contact the office with your order.

You may place an order Feb. 11 during the Food Fair hours, 6 – 8 p.m…..or until February 14th (for the Bean Ladies Soups and Chilies ONLY).

Soups and chilis will be available after February 18 for pick-up or delivery.

Payments by e-transfer to (preferred) or cash at pick up or delivery.

The family recipe soups are prepackaged with beans, lentils and spices.

A favourite is the Lentil Soup - easy and quick to make, adding 1c. of chopped carrots and l c. of onions, ready within an hour. The package makes 8 c. of soup.

Another easy soup is the Pea Soup. The soups freeze well for individual or group meals.

The dried soups keep well so that they are readily available.


The Advent wreath holder needs some repair. Does anyone have a soldering iron to re-attach one of the candle bases. Please let the office know and we can deliver it to you. No rush – not needed again until November!! Thanks!


Preparations are under way - Easter novelties being knitted to sell as a fundraiser for the ministries of St. James. If you would like to help with knitting, sewing, stuffing, packaging, promo, etc. for these delightful bunnies baskets, chicks please contact Anne W. through the office 905-627-1424. Every little bit helps!.


The Jill Award is presented at Vestry to an adult who has successfully encouraged their tweens or teens to take a role in the church. If you would like to nominate an adult, please contact the church office for the form to submit. The closing date for nominations is February 3, 2022.


The most beautiful people we have known

are those who have known defeat,

known suffering,

known struggle,

known loss,

and have found their way out of those depths.

~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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