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PARISH NEWS - 23 August 2020

Rector’s Vacation

Mike is on vacation from 19th to 30th August inclusive. Please direct any emergency pastoral matters to Rev. Canon Peter Davison and any other matters to a warden. Please pray for Mike during his time away. Weekly podcasts, email blasts and videos and coffee hour will continue.

ZOOM Coffee Hour

Come and join us for an hour of informal chat on Wednesday morning at 10.00 a.m. No agenda … no minutes … little order … but, lots of opportunity for chatting with friends from the parish family of St. James. Plenty of things to discuss, of course, as we move towards the fall season and the potential for re-opening of the physical space at 137 Melville Street. Below, please find the ZOOM coordinates for both the 19th and the 26th of August.  Same coordinates for both of the meetings.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 991 1045 5894

Sunday Worship

Sunday worship continues on the Diocesan Facebook page at 10am.

You can find the Diocesan Facebook page here:


Our weekly podcast can be heard by clicking on the link on the front page of our website or by visiting our channel on sound cloud:


For those who keep their pattern of daily Bible readings and reflections, the Bible readings for this coming week are below. The suggested readings are the Gospel reading appointed in the daily lectionary for the celebration of the Eucharist. This week:                   

Monday 24th  August       Luke 22.24-30 (Feast of Saint Bartholomew the Apostle)

Tuesday                                   Matthew 23.23-26

Wednesday                            Matthew 23.37-32

Thursday                                 Matthew 24.42-51

Friday                                     Matthew 23.8-12 (Saint Augustine of Hippo)

Saturday                                 Mark 6.17-29 (Death of John the Baptist)

Sunday                                   Matthew 16.21-28


Life-Giving God, you rested on the seventh day and made it holy.

You rose to life on the first day and declared new life for all.

We thank you for the gift of Sabbath rest in our lives:

Time and space where we may be still and know your presence.

Help us to find and treasure this time where you refresh, renew and re-create us,

so that we may be wholly the people you intend us to be.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen. 

(c) M Deed 2012

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