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PARISH NEWS - 22 November 2021

Please phone in to the office to register for the Sunday service … or send an email to the office requesting registration. It REALLY helps … and, if we can avoid putting people in the Dundas Room until all the registered spots are filled, it makes it so much easier for the greeters. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT During the early part of the pandemic, St. James maintained its Wednesday morning service. Later, this had to be dropped because of COVID-19 restrictions. GOOD NEWS! Dean Peter Wall will begin to offer a mid-week service beginning on December 1st at 10.00 a.m. – a quiet celebration of the Eucharist and, hopefully a ‘conversation’ about the readings of the day. What a welcome addition this will be! Thanks to Peter for this initiative.

If you cannot attend in person you will also be able to “tune in” and watch, engage and enjoy the service, beginning at 10 a.m. on YouTube. The link is provided on the parish Facebook site and website.


There are few events which bring together the parish family of St. James in such a meaningful and spirit-lifting manner. Many, many thanks to those of you who have already put in so much effort and time to bring back the Holiday House Tour for its 45th edition!

Lawn signs will be ready to go out this Sunday. We need 150 signs spread around town to advertise the event … and then taken down on the day of the event or the following day (December 4 or 5). See Anne W. for details about where to put the signs….SUNDAY or contact the office 905-627-1424.

Raindrops on roses and warm woolen mittens … but also flyers to be put on windshields this weekend. Contact the office for details.

Furniture! Yikes! On Thursday, we could use help moving church furniture around to make room for artisans and then helping to re-assemble things after house tour – on Saturday at 5.00 p.m.

Sounds busy…and it is! Many have devoted hours and hours to get us to this point … and now we need your help for just a few hours to make the day a success!

And tickets – tell your friends – available ONLINE (for the first time), and at the outlets on the poster. Let’s come together, celebrate and welcome the Christmas season.


Thank you, St. James … so far … all of the snowflakes are gone! Nine families will be so much more blessed this Christmas as a result of your generosity. Many great bags to pack the presents….and most of the material for the bags was donated.


  • Bring in your gifts next Sunday (NOV 28) if possible.

  • Cash donations (always needed, especially for the families) – take an envelope from the tree and put in the offering plate; receipts provided at the end of the fiscal year.

  • More stocking stuffers are needed – the box is under the tree; things like little puzzles, Christmas candy, “dollar store” treasures.

  • Volunteer to help organize the gifts – November 28th and December 5th after the service.


Our coffee hour occurs this Thursday on Zoom at 10am. Join us to chat and enjoy one another’s company for an hour. Bring your own coffee!

Meeting ID: 693 269 0932

Use either the link or Zoom ID but you don't need to do both.


Compline is a short service of night prayer, part of the Daily Office or Liturgy of the Hours that has structured the prayer life of the church for many centuries. As we get ready to sleep, this ancient service calls us to rest in God. Like all of the offices, the heart of Compline is the recitation of several psalms. There is a short reading from scripture (usually one or two sentences in length), intercession, and time for reflection. It is a beautiful way to close out an active day. Technology has provided us with the means to share this ancient office. Compline is offered by St. James’ through Facebook as a way to bring the community together. We continue to pray Compline live every Wednesday at 8:30 pm. If you cannot join live, the service is available afterwards on St.James’ Facebook channel. Everyone is invited.


Dozens of pairs of boots and coats have been delivered to the Wesley Day Centre for those in need. Note the figures – 170 already delivered and 150 more ready for delivery! MANY thanks to those who have responded…keep it going! The need is great!


The two Dundas Rotary Clubs are also involved in winter assistance programs. The Dundas Rotary Club is collecting clothes on December 4 and 5 at the Metro Store. The Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club is doing its SOX AND SKIVVIES program … THIS WEEK … with blue bins around town for new socks, mitts, scarves, undies … watch for the blue bins in various locations around Dundas (e.g. Shoppers Drug Mart). Last year, the 10-day campaign collected $18 000 worth of winter accessories to help those in need in both Dundas and Hamilton.

Thought for the week Love Poem

Beyond watching eyes With sweet and tender kisses Our souls reached out to each other In breathless wonder And when I awoke From a vast and smiling peace I found you bathed in morning light Quietly studying All the messages on my iphone.

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