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PARISH NEWS - 20 December 2020

A Note from the Rector

This week bowled us out of our routines once again and put our church, and our city into lockdown. We are reminded that we live in a difficult time filled with uncertainty, illness, anxiety and concern. But perhaps we might choose instead to see this as a reminder of our privilege, a reminder of those who are working to keep us safe and bring healing and comfort to the sick and a reminder of the gift of care and love we can give each other at this time- by staying safe, staying home, celebrating from a distance, reaching out with messages of cheer and thanksgiving and encouragement.

I encourage you to connect with your community of faith in worship and prayer online in these days- to mark our holy festival of God’s incarnation, assured that God shared and shares in the messy and difficult experience of living and taught us to do so with grace and hope and love.

I wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas and hope for the year ahead.

Pax et Bonum,


Rev. Mike Deed


  • This Thursday, (Christmas Eve) you can watch our special children and families service at 4pm premiering on both Facebook and youtube.

  • You can also join a live stream on Facebook at 7pm to celebrate Christmas eve

  • On Christmas Day there will be a live stream Eucharist at 9.30am on our Facebook page.


Mike will lead compline this Wednesday evening at 8pm live on our Facebook page.


You can listen to our podcast for this week here:


Join us with your Christmas treats and tipples at 10am this Thursday for our Christmas Eve ‘is it really coffee?’ hour. Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 871 4881 4827

Passcode: 448066


We anticipate that our vestry report will be significantly shorter this coming year. However, if you are a ministry leader at Saint James please consider submitting a report to Mike by December 31st 2020 for inclusion in our 2021 Vestry Report. The Vestry meeting will be held via Zoom in February.


If you need to submit a receipt or invoice for reimbursement it must be submitted by January 4th 2021 at the latest. Donations for this financial year (2020) must be made by Wednesday 6th January 2021.


We are now able to accept e-transfers to the church. If you use etransfers from your bank account you can send money to and it will be deposited in our account. If your donation is designated to a particular appeal or a payment for something, please indicate that clearly in the notes!


For those who wish to keep a pattern of daily Bible readings and reflections, the Bible readings for this coming week are below. The suggested readings are the Gospel reading appointed in the daily lectionary for the celebration of the Eucharist. This week:

Monday 21st December Luke 1.39-45

Tuesday Luke 1.46-56

Wednesday Luke 1.57-66

Thursday Luke 1.67-79

Friday John 1.1-14

Saturday John 1.1-5

Sunday Luke 2.22-40



Dear Jesus, may the light of your love always shine in our hearts.

As Christmas draws closer, we marvel at your great love for us.

Let your love transform every aspect of our lives and touch everyone we encounter.

Our hearts are open to you, Jesus. Amen.

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