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PARISH NEWS - 13 June 2022


SUNDAY – Regular Sunday Service at 10.00 a.m. This will be the choir’s last Sunday until September. The Reverend Canon Peter Davison will be presiding and preaching at this service. If you are unable to attend the service is live streamed. Links to the service and order of service are on our website and our Facebook page.

WEDNESDAY – COMPLINE - Compline is a short service of night prayer. The heart of Compline is the recitation of several psalms. There is a short reading from scripture, intercession, and time for reflection. It is a beautiful way to close out an active day. Compline is offered by St. James’ through Facebook as a way to bring the community together. If you cannot join live, the service is available afterwards on St. James’ Facebook channel.


Here is a snapshot of the Port of Hamilton – a medium-sized port – from a recent port calendar. The types of vessels regularly calling at HAMILTON are Bulk Carrier (41%), Oil/Chemical Tanker (9%), SAR (6%), General Cargo (6%), Sailing Vessel (6%). The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 226 meters. The maximum draught is 8.5 meters. The maximum deadweight is approximately 40 000 tonnes. 10 ships have arrived in this Port within the last 24 hours. Currently there are 26 vessels in this Port and another 8 vessels are scheduled to make a port call at HAMILTON.

And this port has a significant support for crew members in the Mission for Seafarers.

Last year St. James made contact and visited a couple of times to see what items were needed and how we might help. Men’s warm clothing is particularly needed as the men are often away from home for long periods of time and need to replace clothing as it wears out. They are often in port for only a few hours so what they can get at the Mission is very useful. They also love chocolate – something they miss on board, and personal items are also needed. There is a box outside the church which will be there for the month of June. Later in the year there will be another collection so if you are a knitter and can supply some warm hats and mitts that would be most appreciated. Please contact Terese or Sue via the office 905-627 -1424 or for more details.


With wonderful contributions from the parish and with much appreciation to Gillian and ALL of those on the parish building committee – here is one of your completed projects – the spotlighting on Melville Street. With thanks to one of your wardens, Barry, for this lovely photograph. Drive by. Drop in. Open Sundays!

PAST EVENTS – Sunday last

We had a very memorable Sunday on the 5th of June – the presence of an honour guard from the Legion to remember D-Day, a mini-celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, graduates from the EFM course, a homily from The Venerable Jim Sandilands … and, of course, the announcement of the new rector, The Reverend Canon Leslie Gerlofs.

Some photos of remembrance of that day.


We celebrated the coming of summer, and Trinity Sunday, AND, the 30th anniversary of the ordination of Carol Overing, AND the 61st anniversary of Peter Davison’s ordination, AND, his birthday.


With many thanks to all those who contributed – wonderful salads (including one with lovely mango), chef extraordinaire (see pictures), and the group that hung around to clean up afterwards … Auntie Jill, Jackie, Pat , Barry , Frank , Terese … without these people, this would not have come to fruition as not planned! J

Chef extraordinaire!!!


There has been such a wonderful relationship among Peter, the Corporation … and most importantly, with the parish over the past year. Peter will be working with us until the new rector takes over on September 1st; at the same time, we want to thank Peter for his wonderful easy assimilation into our parish family and the incredible contribution that he has made to our growth and development over the past year. Thank-you, Peter.


Woke up warm and safe in my bed.

While someone else heard bombs over their head.

I jumped into a nice hot shower,

While someone else has lost all power.

I hugged my family, we were all together,

While others said goodbye, possibly forever.

While I fear the money that I will spend,

Others worry of losing the country they defend.

In the time it took for me to write this post,

Many have lost the things they love most.

So, when I start to bitch and want to complain,

I will stop myself and pray for Ukraine.

-Art Smith

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