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PARISH NEWS - 1 November 2021

We almost reached our capacity this past Sunday. Please phone in to the office to register for the Sunday service … or send an email to the office requesting registration. It REALLY helps … and, if we can avoid putting people in the Dundas Room until all the registered spots are filled, it makes it so much easier for the greeters. Good news…no temperature checks starting this Sunday.

If you cannot attend in person you will also be able to “tune in” and watch, engage and enjoy the service, beginning at 10 a.m. on YouTube. The link is provided on the parish Facebook site and website.


This year we are again partnering with St. Matthew’s House in their “ADOPT-A-FAMILY” project. ADOPT-A-FAMILY is a tradition at St. James and over the past 15 years we have made Christmas much better for over 550 children and their families. Even during COVID in 2020 we were able to provide much in the way of assistance.

St. James is a most caring community – blessed with many opportunities to help fulfil the mission of our Faith. We help each other – our neighbours locally and in other countries. We provide sustenance for our local community through the community dinner program; we send hospital equipment overseas, collect food and support the refugee program.

Christmas gives us the opportunity to focus on the needs of children in our community. In church, you will see “snowflakes” appear on our walls with instructions attached. These “snowflakes” will reflect children’s requests and needs as provided by St. Matthews House. We know you will support this wonderful program so well managed by Jackie D., Carleon H. and all their friends who provide assistance at this important time.

If you know of any families in our parish community who might need assistance over the Christmas season, please let the church office know 905-627-1424


Pick up snowflakes with the children’s wishes and bring in your gift(s) by the 28th of November. Attach your snowflake to the gift.

Check out the “stocking stuffers” for ideas … and bring them in.

Cash donations (always needed, especially for the families) – take an envelope from the tree and put in the offering plate; receipts provided at the end of the fiscal year.

Volunteer to help organize the gifts – November 28th after the service.

Contact the office… for problem-solving and assistance in this wonderful project 905-627-1424


‘Tis sweet to hear “I love you”, beneath a giggling moon;

‘Tis fun to hear “you dance well”, to a lilting, swinging tune;

‘Tis great to be proposed to, And whisper low, “I do”;

But the sweetest words in all the world …

“I’ve got a job for you.”

Margaret Deeney


And, following up on the “Thought for the Week” … we are approaching the 45th Holiday House Tour after (thankfully) only a one-year hiatus due to COVID-19. There are sign-up sheets available in the Narthex for anyone who can help. “We have a job for you”! The tasks range from set-up to cookie maker to Greeter and many more.

Tickets are available!!!!!! Both at the regular outlets, at the church, or on-line.


With the changes released by the Ontario government, the Diocese has adopted some smart, tailored strategies for the near future. Some of the changes that have emerged (among others) are …

  • permitting congregations to quietly sing while masked.

  • removing many of the limits on the use of our church buildings (while still limiting one-time rentals);

  • allowing indoor social and fundraising activities, provided participants are fully vaccinated and food/beverages are not served or shared; and

  • easing some of the liturgical guidelines premised on contact transmission.

Hopefully, the Diocese will be able to modify its ministry guidelines even more if case numbers continue to look good.

If you have any questions, please speak with the Priest-in-Charge or any of the wardens.


Our coffee hour occurs this Thursday on Zoom at 10am. Join us to chat and enjoy one another’s company for an hour. Bring your own coffee!

Topic: coffee hour

Time: Nov 4, 2021 10:00 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 879 2447 1898

SMILE FOR THE DAY (from a church message board)


We continue to collect men’s warm clothing and personal items and toiletries, souvenirs with Canadian logos for the Mission to Seafarers. Individually wrapped chocolates are also appreciated for the Seafarers who are in port for the month of December. They also appreciate games, puzzles, cards, tennis balls and bibles/devotional materials as well as toys/gifts that the seafarers can take home to their families.


Dozens of pairs of boots and 77 coats have been delivered to the Wesley Day Centre for those in need. MANY thanks to those who have responded…keep it going….more are needed!


The third Seed Library (a bit like the Little Lending Libraries…but for seeds) will take place at the Dundas Driving Park this coming Saturday … November 6th. Bring seeds … take seeds! Location within the park is just south of the tennis courts. Also, experts will be available to provide information on composting, pollinators … and more.


Should you wish your feelings about this issue to be made known, please forward (by Monday, November 8th to with attention to the General Issues Committee


MILK BAGS - outer plastic Milk Bags (clean) which are then up-cycled. Contact the office for more information 905-627-1424

POSTAGE STAMPS and EYEGLASSES - used postage stamps for the leprosy mission and used eyeglasses for medical mission. Contact the office for more information 905-627-1424

BATTERIES - We have a box in the narthex to collect used batteries for recycling.

FOOD BANK DONATIONS - We have a new collection point in the narthex with labelled drawers for donations to local food banks. We regularly need pasta, baby food and other baby care essentials, toiletries and hygiene products, jam and peanut butter, canned meats, canned fruit and canned vegetables. Contact the office for more information 905-627-1424

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