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PARISH NEWS - 1 August 2021


Our Making It Happen Campaign continues and thanks to the generosity of so many we have now raised over $9000. With our new livestreaming system being installed this coming week, we are proceeding onto phase two of our building projects and are finalizing quote and permissions for lighting work throughout many areas of the building. A huge thanks to everyone who has given so very generously. To support the next phase of this work you can also BUY A BULB….


To support phase two of ‘Making It Happen’ we are excited to be holding a raffle. Tickets are $20 or 3 for $50 and are available from Jan S. and our sales team. Jan will be in the office Thursday morning to sell tickets. Our aim is to sell 300 tickets in the next 6 weeks. More information coming soon.


Saint James will be reopening for in-person worship on Sunday 22nd August 2021. The new service time will be 10am. When the interim arrives decisions will be made about adding further services. If you wish to attend worship in-person you will need to reserve a space either via the website or by ‘phoning the parish office. Please remember to self-screen and stay home if you feel ill. Those coming to worship will need to wear a mask at all times and sit at least 3 seats away from anyone not in their ‘bubble’.

Please note that during the rest of the week, while the staff are keeping office hours, others will still need an appointment to enter the building.


We have been blessed with the availability of two familiar faces for this one-month period before The Very Reverend Peter Wall assumes his duties as our Interim Priest in the middle of September. For the first two weeks, The Reverend Canon Peter Davison will again help us with both liturgy and pastoral emergencies. Then, for the first two weeks of September, another familiar face to us at St. James, The Reverend Sue Nicolls, will be returning. We welcome both as we start into the re-opening process on the 22nd of August.


Saturday September 11th starts at 10 am.

Tickets are $25 per person.

Masks and social distancing to be observed

This special tour will be guided by Stan Nowak, experienced and well known for his informative and enjoyable tours of historic Dundas. To register or for more information contact Anne W. by phoning the office 905-627-1424


The funeral for Joan Meredith will take place on Friday 6th August 2021 at 11am. Members of Saint James who knew Joan are welcome to attend. To do so you will need to register online or by calling the office and arrive by 10.45am, wear a mask, and remember to keep physical distancing throughout the building.


The funeral for Jim Herron will take place on Saturday 7th August 2021 at 12 noon. Members of the parish are welcome to attend. To do so you will need to register online or by calling the office and arrive by 11.45am, wear a mask, and remember to keep physical distancing throughout the building.


MANY APOLOGIES for those who tried to get onto our Zoom coffee hour this past week.

This coming week Coffee Hour returns. Peter will be hosting. The link is below.

We meet at 10am on Thursday morning. All are welcome to join us via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 693 269 0932


The deadline for the Autumn/Thanksgiving newsletter is August 15th. Please submit your news items/reflections/photos, etc. to Peter D. via the office before then, so we can get the newsletter out on time.


For those who are dear to me, I give thanks. For those who support me, I give thanks.

For those who challenge me, I give thanks. For those who love me, I give thanks.

For those I love, I give thanks. Teach me thanksgiving in all that I do,

teach me thanksgiving for all gifts from you. Amen.

(c) Lisa Withrow ‘Occasions of Prayer’ p.16 SPCK 1999

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