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 St. James, Dundas

is hosting an in-person learning-truth-for-reconciliation workshop


Saturday June 17, 2023

10:00 am – 1:00 pm (including a refreshment break)
Facilitated by Cheryl Marek (Oshawa, ON).

Registration closes Tuesday June 12th

  • Consider if a friend or family member, 14 years and older, might attend with you.

  • After you register, preparation steps will be sent by the host on Wednesday before the event. 

  • Post-event resources will also be sent.


 In 2015, as part of its commitment to support the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, PWRDF developed the resource: Mapping the Ground We Stand On. Using PowerPoint animation, videos, small group discussion, talking circle and more this workshop, also known as the Mapping Exercise, invites participants to explore Indigenous presence on the map of Turtle Island/Canada, the history of settler arrival, and how each fits into ongoing narratives. The concepts of Doctrine of Discovery, terra nullius, Indigenous Knowledge and Ways of Knowing are explored.  Listening, understanding  and reflecting enables individuals and groups to imagine next steps: meaningful actions on their personal and collective reconciliation journeys as church, families, societies, that will foster just, respectful and healing relationships for all peoples - Indigenous and settler.  

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